Sunday, January 20, 2008

Loch Bradan slog

Loch Doon

I wish Loch Doon today had looked like the picture above for Craig's first visit but it was dull and cold... yuck!
Even so it was nice to be out on the Bradan Doon singletrack especially the little loop to Cornish Loch and along the side of Loch Bradan but the track over to Loch Doon was soft, not muddy just soft, so climbing was just hard hard work.
Stopped off at Loch Doon Castle for a picnic lunch before settling into the cycle along the forest road back.
The forest drive was soft and grotty so return was a bit of a drag pedalling through a half inch or so of soft whin dust, character forming is about the best that could be said for it, but a bit too late in life to (re)form my character.
On the way home we dropped into 'The Buck' cafe in Straiton for a coffee and lovely Apple Pie with cream, delicious...just about made it all worth while.

Time to relax with a good book in a nice warm bath while Anne makes dinner, I know, I've got it made!.... took me almost a lifetime getting here though.

SB Summer video here.

Route description here, really worth a visit but wait till its warm sunny and dry.


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