Friday, April 04, 2008

The Burrell

Pollock House

Just for a change of scene Anne and I decided to pay a return visit to Pollock Park in Glasgow for a walk, some lunch and a meander around the Burrell Collection.
We had a nice hours walk around the park remembering orienteering events with the kids something like 12 years ago, the mud is still there some of it migrating onto the mountain bike trails.
The Burrell lunch and viewing was very nice, I took some photos and video but they are just dull, not up to my usual standard of simply boring so I am going to delete the lot.....maybe I'll just have another little look before I do that.

I took a look at my Kelvin grove museum video and I can see that Kelvin Grove have the visual edge of a magnificent building and lively displays (better for kids), the Burrell is nice but in a much less flamboyant way, you feel you want to read the information on the exhibits... but they are both worth a visit.


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