Monday, April 07, 2008

Kelburn and Stair

Graffiti Castle (Kelburn)

Yesterday Anne and I had a morning walk trying to keep out of the cold north wind as much as possible by going up Fairlie Glen and into the trees in Upper Kelburn coming back along Lady walk to Fairlie castle.
After lunch with the same idea in my mind Anne kindly transported me and the MTB up to the high (east) gate in Kelburn, way up the Haylie Brae.
Starting from there I was hoping to have the cold wind behind me all the way home. The ground was a little drier than recently so the going was OK, none of that paddle steamer action in the mud from the rear wheel. The moor above Kelburn still has plenty of water about even though there is a well defined track, the ditch needs cleared out to stop the water running down the trail but it won't happen, too much outlay for no return, pity it would be great up there if the track was half decent.
I had a very nice run back home shooting a bit of video on route, view it here.

Today Anne is nursing a bit of cold and chased me out for a bit of quiet time to be sure she could manage the tennis in the evening.
I decided to get out on the road bike down to Stair assited by the cool north wind, Anne kindly agreed to pick me up. I think the propect of lunch at Stair helped.
I enjoyed the run but was annoyed by the masses of litter at the side of some of the country lanes, miles from anywhere there were hundreds of polythene bags and bottles lining the roadside.
I was wondering if the council have cut back on roadside cleanup its a mess!

On a lighter subject if you are intrigued by the photo above more info and video can be found here and my own little offering here.


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