Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Dundonald again.

Kelburn view

Tom phoned this morning he was finished with workman watching and although he had some clearing up to do he thought it could wait until after a few hours cycling, "good thinking" I said.
We went down to Eglinton for a short cycle to Dundonald, only about 25 miles but the weather forecast was for showers PM, so it was a case of "make hay while the sun shines".
Turns out we could have gone a bit further but coffee and cake at Dundonald sitting out below the castle was lovely so it was a good decision.
After the cake stop we cut over the Smugglers Trail on Dundonald Hill to the cycleway at Barrasie and followed it back through Irvine's lovely harbour side area back to Eglinton by about 1 o'clock.
After getting home, having a bite to eat, I got out on the MTB down the beach and over Goldenberry but the forecast showers were heading my way so I sauntered back home for 4pm and spent the next hour changing my freewheel.
It has been slipping after freewheeling, not nice when standing up on the pedals and suddenly there's no resistance.I don't throw much away but that freewheel hub is in the bin!

View the route description here.

I suspect I may have a video of this somewhere, thought so here it is!


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