Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just wet

Common Toadflax near Portencross

Common toadflax is not really very common around here but I know a spot where it flowers.
Its out now but due to the wet I haven't photographed it this year.
Anne and I were heading that way today but a thundery shower came over, we headed home after sheltering for a bit and didn't get along the beach as far as Portencross.
Its clear now but I've been drinking Anne's lovely sweet bramble wine and tea is in the oven so anything outdoors will have to wait for an hour or two.

We got back from our wet walk about 2.30pm and I settled down to see if I could integrate some more GPX files into my web site. Generating GPX is easy using my Anquet mapping software, its integrating it that poses the challenge.
I think I've figured out a descent way of doing it so the afternoon has passed quite easily, just GPXing all the SW Scotland through routes I've cycled and mapped with a view to publishing it very soon.
Not exactly exciting but it passes a wet afternoon.
Better not go at it too hard I suspect there will be no shortage of wet afternoons for the next wee while,it is Scottish summer time after all.

Looking for some flower photos in my flickr account I came up with this set from a Costa Blanca walking holiday, makes me want to go off there again ASAP.

PS Rain stopped about 5.30 so in spite of 1/2 a bottle of wine and a full tummy I got out on the MTB for a spin, Scary Glentane, Goldenberry and the beach, lovely wet and muddy.
The water in Glen Burn at the bottom of Glentane was rather high I could feel the pressure on the side of the bike as I pedalled across.
Unfortunately it sounds like I'll need to regrease the wheel bearings, they've got that crackly sound after their soaking.


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