Friday, August 15, 2008

MTB epics SW Scotland

I've been 'working' on Anquet maps generating GPX files for my South West Scotland through routes, epics, or multiday outings whatever name suits.
The best of them are in the south, east and north, mid Ayrshire is best suited to some very nice road cycling (I've generated GPX files for road routes as well).
I've cycled virtually all of the SW routes at one time or other over the past 6 years but things change so I'll be happy to get any updates from anyone who knows better.

Over the past year I've looked at lots of verified and unverified route connections throughout Scotland using Anquet and put them onto a web site with a view to getting out there sometime and doing a few.
I've done a few away from home things like 3 days around the Cairngorms earlier this year and quite fancy doing a few more, it all depends on the weather though I don't like the rain and certainly won't be planning anything that get me caught in the wet stuff....wimp?...Yes I plead guilty.

Got out on the MTB for a couple of hours before tea down to the hole in the ground (oil rig yard) where my son Stephen was fishing.
There was a huge shoal of large fish below the pier but he only managed to land a few mackerel, nice enough but one of those big boys would have been quite something.


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