Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Road and MTB dodging showers

Kelburn castle

The picture has nothing to do with today, but I like it so there it is

For the first time in a good while Tom and I got out on the road bikes today but we didn't venture far the shower clouds were prowling over the sky. If fact, to avoid a shower that was tracking SW, we changed our plans from a Kilwinning start to a Dalry even before we set off and half way through we changed route to avoid another shower. In the end we only did about 1.5hours including a stop at Dalgarven Mill for a bit of lunch, but it was a real treat to be out on the road bike after such a long break.

Got back about 2pm, the sky was cloudy but not rainy, I was all dressed up for the bike so decided to get out the MTB for a spin over Glentane Hillside and maybe Goldenberry hill if the weather held. I may have managed it but had a pinch puncture and all the pleasure (pain) of tyre puncture repair in the mud and cold. Funny (not) the way tyres and tubes don't play ball when they're wet, its like a game of chase the tyre bead round and round the rim. Repaired the puncture just in time to be chased home by a shower, just made it.

Nice days cycling in spite of the flat.


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