Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wild sea at Portencross

Wave at Hunterston pier

Pretty wet and windy this morning, I looked out a heavy army surplus (Italian) gortex jacket I bought years ago for fishing (my sons pastime) waterproof trousers and wellies hoping to wander over Goldenberry and stay dry. I've said before I'm not very good at staying indoors, choice... get bored indoors or get wet outdoors, wet it is then.
Spent a long time quietly wandering but the only thing of interest was slugs eating fungus.....hardly exciting stuff.....wasn't bored though, honest!
I noticed on the way back that there was quite a roar from the sea, big waves and high tide were putting on a show. I nipped along to Portencross to take a look.
The little harbour was swamped by the tide, the waves were thundering in crashing on the rocks and onto the pier, a great sight.


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