Friday, October 24, 2008

A good walk around the peninsula

Wigeon at Seamill

I had a notion to get out on the bike but just as I was getting ready the showers started, so instead I thought I'd take the car down to Portencross and walk back along the shore, wind and showers behind me. I took the new camera (Lumix fz18) and tele convertor with me in the hope I might catch a few photos along the way.
It showered enough to demonstrate that I need new waterproof trousers, the rain just went straight through them, luckily the showers eased and the fresh breeze soon dried me out.
It was great along the shore the tide was high pushing the birds up toward me and the camera, and no one but me disturbing them, got quite a lot of nice shots.
Got back home after a couple of hours had a spot of lunch then decided to go back for the car by walking over the edge of the moor around the northside of Hunterston Peninsula.
Took me another 4 hours to get back to the car but it was marvelous, the showers had died and it was lovely and cool, thoroughly enjoyed myself.

View slideshow here and video below.


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