Monday, October 20, 2008

Pottering under a showery sky

Breaking waves near Portencross

Let's just say showers limited play. Got up through Kelburn PM it was....fresh up there in the showers and breeze but at least there was some shelter when a shower comes along also visited Glenburn falls (Upper Biglees) just to fill in an hour before tea.

With all this wind and wet it looks like I'll have to get back to doing a bit of jogging cause the amount of cycling I'm doing these days ain't going to keep me very fit.
Its just getting the routine going that's a problem and of course getting over the first few awful runs until a bit of fitness gets into the legs.
Well now I've said it and brought it right to the front of my head it may just happen...then again the thought may just slip away, it is a bit late after all.

Took a few Photos today including the shameful bonfire boys mess. I may have to go up there and clean it up. One or two of those big building supply bags would be good.


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