Friday, December 05, 2008

Playing with photo filters

Kelburn castle turret.

Anne packed me off out this morning she had things to do and didn'y want me around so I went down to portencross to play photo games again with filters and long exposures. Practise makes perfect some say so now I've practised when's perfect coming?

PM we went up into Kelburn for a walk but the high Kelburn path was just a sheet of ice no fun to walk on at all so we cut off down the Kel burn eventually past the castle waterfall for a photo or two.
My son had placed a request for some maggots so he could go off fishing tomorrow early...I've heard that one before I stopped suggesting fishing years ago when he couldn't get himself out of bed to go, I'd be surprised if anythings changed.
However I went off down to Saltcoats to get some and as luck would have it I missed a glorious sunset photo opportunity. The sun dipped below the horizon and lit the clouds from below, wonderful sight and me babysitting maggots in the car, what a bummer!

This evening was West Kilbride Yuletide late opening starting with a Santa Clause parade. There were a few funfair things in the middle of the town and loads of folk about looking like they were spending money. Anne and I went down for a wander about to see the fun and I took a bit of video along the way, may post some tomorrow.

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