Thursday, December 04, 2008

Trails of Ice

Creels at Portencross

I wanted to visit the RSPB shop at Lochwinnoch to see if they had a tripod quick release head cause I'm fed up screwing my camera on and off just to be safe when moving a few yards. Luckily they did, but it was no bargain.
After the purchase and a lucky photo of a great spotted woodpecker from the viewing window Anne and I went along the road to have a walk around Parkhill Wood beside Castle Semple Loch.
I have never seen trails like it, every track was sheet ice, we couldn't walk on them and had to take the dog crap alley along the edge on the grass.
It was nice by the loch, air was completely still, the loch was frozen and a slight mist was hanging in the trees really lovely, except we spent most of the time concentrating on placing our feet so as not to end up on our bums.

PM Anne had things to do so I went off down the shore just meandering, hunting for any nice photo view points in places I don't normally visit. Found a couple of spots worth going back to when the light is better.

Rounded off the day with a little jog around the golf course in the last of the light about 4pm.

View a slideshow from today's photos here.


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